• Financial Regulatory Authority License No. 14 (10/06/2021)
  • 20 Hasan Mohammed El-Razaz, Agouza
  • 01501000677

What we do

Bedayti provides an economic development tool for low income individuals and small businesses by providing them with financial services such as loan allocations.
The company creates better access to credit for such individuals and provides flexible loan repayments terms than conventional loans.
Bedayti provides fund disbursement within 48 hours and the amount of financing ranges from 10 thousand pounds to 242 thousand pounds.
Customers are granted a payment period from 6 months to 30 months and are able to pay through monthly installments.

Our services embrace

Commercial Activities

Funding for commercial, production, service and low income individuals or families ...

Industrial Activities

This funding is designed to finance industrial microenterprises, in addition to traditional and ...

Services Activities

This funding is designed to provide financial solutions for individuals in the service sector ...

Agriculture Activities

This funding seeks to provide financing solutions to individuals in the agriculture sector and ...

Success stories